A practical guide to dispute resolution in the CCMA and Bargaining Councils

A practical guide to dispute resolution in the CCMA and Bargaining Councils


This course focuses on a practical application to the preparation for and presenting of disputes.

Modules include:

  • An overview of the dispute resolution procedures available
  • Overview of the CCMA and Bargaining Councils
  • Explanation of what different types of disputes exist
  • Detailed analysis and guidance on how to prepare for and present Unfair Labour Practice and Unfair Dismissal Disputes
  • Detailed guidance on the laws of evidence
  • Practical guidelines on the proper presentation of evidence during a dispute


Labour disputes are commonplace and are a real risk to all employers. This course will be an invaluable tool for individuals that are or may be faced with disputes in the future. Employers, HR or IR representatives as well as employee representatives.

Someone does not have to be legally trained to litigate in the CCMA but a sound understanding of the processes and the legal principles applicable will go a long way towards empowering a person to litigate successfully and effectively. This course is designed to impart knowledge on participants that will empower them to litigate in the CCMA with confidence and success.

After completing this course a participant will be in position to present a case with more confidence and success.

The course is presented in the following format:

  • Comprehensive recorded presentations on each module that can be watched when convenient
  • Comprehensive course material
  • Resources provided
  • A comprehensive guidebook provided
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